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Size (W X H) : 100 x 160 cm

Size (in ft) : 3.2 x 5.2 ft

Price (GBP) : 775.00

Price (EUROS) : 925.00

Price (SWISS FRANCS) : 1100.00

The original 'Surprise' was commisioned by a ladies clothing company in Ibiza.

Jerom says, "For 'Surprise' I was asked to create an image of a surprised female.  Her surprise comes from the great deals inside the business.  I thought this was a good gimmick and gave me huge publicity throughout Ibiza, The Balerics and mainland Spain.  To acheive the realism took me longer than expected, but I am very happy with the end result.  Creating the see through effect on her gloves was acheived with new techniques that I am very proud of". 

'Surprise' is a Limited Edition of 1,000 Reproductions Worldwide.

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