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Blue Eyes

Size (W X H) : 122 x 122 cm

Size (in ft) : 4 x 4 ft

Price (GBP) : 900.00

Price (EUROS) : 1080.00

Price (SWISS FRANCS) : 1290.00

The original 'Blue Eyes' was sold in July 2011 to an art collecter in Madrid, Spain.

Jerom says, "For 'Blue Eyes' I implemented a series of casts, dyes and pigments to create a background of texture.  Then I painted the portrait of the girl above, trying to maintain the transparency.  I spent many hours testing the blue paint for her eyes and created a custom colour that grabs you.  Her eyes have the ability to follow you around a room.  This is an important feature to the piece".

'Blue Eyes' is a Limited Edition of 1,000 Reproductions Worldwide.

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